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Date: 26/10/2013

Cheap travel insurance however far or near

If you're hopping across the Channel for a long weekend of shopping and sightseeing in France, it's easy to think that you don't need to bother taking out travel insurance to cover you during your weekend break. However, you really should have travel insurance in place for destinations close to and further away from home, no matter how long you're travelling for! From a weekend break in Prague to a three month backpacking trip in the Himalayas, travel insurance should be as vital a part of your holiday as your sun tan lotion.

What's the worst that could happen?

People often think that there's nothing that could possibly go wrong on their safe package holiday in Greece. The reality is though that there are plenty of occasions where you might need to turn to travel insurance whilst you're on holiday. Your cover starts from the moment you book your holiday, and most travel insurance will provide cancellation or curtailment cover, for example, if your flights are delayed or they're cancelled due to bad weather conditions. But medical cover is probably the main reason why most people take out travel insurance - you're covered in the event of accident or illness, and this is particularly important if you're travelling with children or taking part in any sporting activities. You could become injured and required hospital treatment Even treatment at a doctor's surgery for something as minor as a jellyfish sting can be expensive in some countries, so it makes sense to ensure your whole family is protected.

Optional extras

It's easy to find cheap travel insurance online, with single trip cover available from just a few pounds. There are also plenty of extras you can add to your policy, to protect you against specific things. For example, if you're travelling with expensive gadgets you might want to add gadget cover, or you may need business travel insurance if you're taking business assets or money with you. You might even need winter sports cover if you're planning on heading to a ski resort this winter - your ski equipment will be covered against theft, loss or damage. Another reason it's important to have travel insurance in place to cover you is in case your luggage is lost or stolen. You'll usually receive a fixed level of cover as well as cover for travel money and important documents.

You really can't afford to travel without insurance, no matter where in the world you're heading - it's simply not worth the risk. With so many options for cheap travel insurance available online, there is no excuse!