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Date: 19/04/2012

Cheap travel cover comparisons

With all the deals available, it's never been easier to get away, even at the last minute. And if travel insurance is not included in the package there are a wealth of cheap travel insurance plans on the market which provide cover at very little cost.

However, whilst it's a good idea to shop around for the best price, it's also a good idea not to simply base your final decision on cost alone.

Cheap travel cover comparisons should always take into account what is included in the insurance as well as how much you are covered for.

Every policy will offer you cover for lost baggage but have you stopped to calculate how much your possessions are worth? It's surprising how much a suitcase full of your favourite clothes can cost to replace. And what about the excess? The excess is the amount you have to pay from the total amount you want to claim. Some cheaper policies have a high excess which if you need to claim can be a false economy.

You might also need to have a particularly close look at the fine print if you think you might take part in any kind of sporting activity or potentially hazardous pastime. Diving and climbing are common holiday pursuits but these may not automatically be included under the insurance. Even a spontaneous holiday venture such as a bungee jump might not be covered by every policy.

It's therefore essential to understand what type of cover is included before you travel. If you think you might want to try a few activities which aren't listed in the policy terms, you can usually upgrade your cover for a small extra premium if you contact the provider.

The chances are that you won't need to claim on your insurance but if the worst happens – or even if you just suffer a minor mishap – you will be glad you spent the time finding the policy which offers not just value for money but comprehensive cover. And if it seems like a lot of hassle just for one trip, many insurers offer policies which last all year long which means next time you travel you can simply up and go.