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Date: 26/04/2012

Cheap Holiday Insurance - Don't miss out

Cheap holiday insurance is important to us all as we plan our summer holidays. With the economy still struggling and the cost of living rising all the time, few of us have much spare cash to spend. Holiday plans are inevitably one of the first things to get trimmed.

We still need a break, but that break has to be a little less extravagant than it has been in the past – a smaller hire car, less trips and excursions, a train instead of a taxi to the airport.

Family Travel Insurance

One thing you should never cut back on, however, is your travel insurance. If anything, family travel insurance is more important than ever when times are tough, because if anything happens before you go and you have to cancel your trip, you may not be able to afford another one.

Similarly, if you were to lose your luggage, or have your mobile phone or iPad stolen while you are away, would you be able to afford the replacement. Worse still, if you need treatment abroad, you could find yourself facing a huge bill for these services, and some countries may even refuse to treat you if you cannot provide a credit card to cover the costs.

Clearly travel insurance is essential, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. At, we work hard to make sure cheap holiday insurance is accessible to everyone, so no one has to risk going away without cover. has ten years experience in providing low-cost travel insurance and annual travel insurance, giving you and your family all the cover you need at a price you can afford – including free cover for the kids.

So whether you are holidaying at home or away this summer, contact us today for low-cost cover that's trusted by thousands of our customers every week.