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Date: 07/03/2011

Chasing the snow - Where to ski in Europe

Although many Brits enjoy a bit of sun, sea and sand, an increasing number are also regularly taking a winter break on their annual multi trip travel insurance, with skiing one of the most popular winter pastimes. With Europe a cheaper option than travelling further afield, there is an overwhelming array of countries from which to pick a resort.

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best known skiing destinations in Europe, with the best facilities on offer. However, it is rather an expensive option compared to some of the other European countries and when all the extras such as winter sports travel insurance and equipment hire are added in, the overall cost can be quite high.

At the opposite end of the scale, one of the lesser known but up and coming hotspots is Slovakia, offering good snow for low, low prices. However, this destination is not right for everyone as many of the resorts are very under-developed with few facilities and holidaymakers hoping for a bit of après-ski entertainment may be left disappointed.

Spain is often more associated with summer breaks but also offers good skiing. Those travelling on their annual multi trip travel insurance should ensure that the cover is adequate for both summer and winter holidays and that all planned activities are covered. The skiing in Spain tends to best suited to beginners and the snow can be rather sporadic at times, with the best resorts located in the Pyrenees.

Austria is one of the classic skiers' destinations and continues to offer traditional Alpine breaks with good facilities in most of the resorts. However, like Switzerland it can be rather pricy and the mid-altitude slopes can suffer from a lack of snow occasionally.

Whatever the final destination, a comprehensive winter sports travel insurance policy is recommended and holidaymakers should check to ensure any planned additional activities such as off piste skiing are fully covered.