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Date: 22/03/2011

Campers enjoy indoor luxury outdoors in Snowdonia

The thought of camping in the Welsh hills conjures up images of cold nights spent huddling into a draughty sleeping bag while the ground slowly gnaws back muscles into paralysis. However, a new type of camping experience is attracting those looking to take a trip on their backpacker travel insurance but without completely sacrificing home comforts.

With pre-erected canvas tents set on working farms, holidaymakers are treated to a whole new experience, unlike any other camping holiday. Despite being made of canvas, the tents have flushing toilets, running water and real wooden floors, raised to protect from the cold coming from the earth. Woodburning stoves sit in the centre of the accommodation, with smoke escaping through a chimney pushing up through the tent roof. There are several 'rooms' within the tent, with double beds and bunkbeds in the bedrooms, as well as a cooler facility in the kitchen area.

The sites all have shower facilities and many operate an honesty shop where campers take what they need and settle the bill at the end of their stay.

Despite camping being a very low risk holiday it is worth taking out single trip travel insurance but take care not to leave valuables unattended under the canvas, as insurers may refuse to pay for any claim.

The various sites that offer this type of luxury camping offer spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, including Snowdonia reaching up through the clouds. The setting makes it an ideal location for hikers to explore the Welsh hills, but if any kind of mountaineering is planned it would be worth checking the backpacker travel insurance policy provides adequate cover.

With such protection from the elements, luxury camping is a pursuit that can be enjoyed not just in the summer months and it may be worth considering switching from a single trip travel insurance policy to a multi trip travel insurance policy if you are bitten by the camping bug.