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Date: 13/04/2011

Black Sea Cruises are a Bright Experience

Those who have spent many an enjoyable hour holidaying on their cruise travel insurance may not have given the Black Sea consideration as a destination. However, the area is steadily rising in popularity with fans of holidays on water, with an ambience which is very different from the typical Med-based cruise.

Formed many millions of years ago and lying between Russia, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey and the Ukraine, the Black Sea gets its rather foreboding name from the tiny, rare organisms which release a black colouring into the waters. With the area much quieter and richer in culture than some of the more traditional cruises, those holidaying on their over 65 travel insurance are queuing to book a cruise to the region.

With the surrounding countries having such a diverse history, a cruise around the Black Sea offers a wide variety of experiences. Veterans of cruise travel insurance holidays will be used to stop-off in ports with every place offering their individual sights and sounds. However, the Black Sea countries offer a rich choice for visitors, with the emphasis very much on culture, with baroque architecture on wide boulevards and historical venues. But it is not just culture vultures who will enjoy the experience, as the Crimean Coast has stunning beaches and a sunny climate.

Istanbul is considered the main gateway into the Black Sea and visitors will need to ensure they have visas to enter Turkey. Different cruises offer different itineraries and some of the smaller, high-class and more specialist cruise providers are able to operate alongside many of the shipping giants.

With true diversity in the region, a cruise around the Black Sea offers something different, with those travelling on their over 65 travel insurance or simply looking to escape the thronging masses sure to have a good time.