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Date: 06/04/2011

Backpacking in Scotland

For those who enjoy nothing more than strapping on a backpack and getting right out there in the heart of the country, having the wilds of Scotland right on the UK's doorstep is a godsend. However, with this type of holiday increasing in popularity, there are now many tour operators offering a genuine back-to-basics experience for those looking to holiday on their backpacker travel insurance.

One of the main appeals of avoiding luxury accommodation is the opportunity to find the hidden treasures off the beaten track and far from typical tourist haunts. For those simply wanting to experience a different type of holiday, single trip travel insurance will be sufficient to cover the entire vacation, providing no extreme sports or ventures are planned. There are now many escorted holidays available which are ideal for the novice hiker, a chance to see the real Scotland, but with an expert on hand to navigate and organise everything.

For those more used to holidaying on backpacker travel insurance, Scotland still has much to impress, with its many islands offering varying degrees of remoteness and its many mountains offering not only climbing, but frequently, good skiing.

Accommodation for backpackers is widely available with different options for a weary traveller to select from. As well as luxury tents (a phrase which some would say is a contradiction in terms!), the old favourite of hikers – the hostel – is easily found, as well as more traditional dwellings such as blackhouses with a fair sprinkling of B&Bs and pubs also available.

Southern Scotland is closer to the rest of the UK in terms of its climate but the more northerly tips of Scotland and the Highlands, can be subject to some very severe weather conditions. It is well worth ensuring any trip is covered by single trip travel insurance at the very least, as Mother Nature has a nasty habit of scuppering the best laid plans.