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Date: 04/01/2016

Are You Brave Enough? Five Of The World's Scariest Train Journeys

Glacier Express on Landwasser viaduct, Switzerland By Champer,

Photo by: Champer,

Are you brave enough to take a ride on one of the scariest train journeys in the world? Pick up your ticket, sit back and enjoy the view − we've chosen five for you to try.

#1. Tren a las Nubes, Argentina

Argentina's 'Train to the Clouds' opened in 1932. It departs from the Argentinian city of Salta and the journey lasts for 16 hours, covering 270 miles. These days it is purely a tourist route, passing through 21 tunnels and over 29 bridges before it climbs to an ascent of over 4,200 metres. This is the world's third-highest railway.

#2. Nariz del Diablo, Ecuador

What is it with South America and terrifying railway journeys? A train called Devil's Nose was always bound to be pretty scary, so make sure you bring your head for heights along when you board. Travelling between Alausi and Palmira, the 50-mile journey takes place at a leisurely speed, affording you plenty of time to enjoy great views over the Avenue of the Volcanoes from the open observation car during the steep ascent.

#3. Flamsbana, Norway

This 13-mile line includes a 2,833-foot descent from Myrdal to Flam − the route is so steep that in the past, trains had five braking systems. This is one of the steepest non-rack railways in the world, so make sure you feel brave before you book your ticket.

#4. The Death Railway, Thailand

This 258-mile route, which runs between Bangkok and Myanmar, was constructed by labourers and Allied prisoners of war; in fact, over 16,000 prisoners of war and 90,000 labourers died during its construction. Riding on one of the surviving sections of the track has become a popular tourist activity for those visiting Kanchanaburi. The route crosses a number of less-than-stable wooden bridges and winds around plenty of sheer cliff edges, making it a thrilling ride.

#5. Bernina Express, Switzerland

The Bernina Express is the Alps' highest rail crossing, with the route running from Chur to Tirano. We recommend taking the open carriage during the summer months to enjoy the thrill of the route, which crosses deep ravines and gorges and takes in some truly stunning scenery. You will need your camera for this journey. Make sure you keep your travel documents and insurance to hand when travelling on any rail journey abroad, as theft can occur and you don't want to be left stranded after experiencing the journey of a lifetime.