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Date: 01/04/2013

Worldwide Travel Insurance from

Whether you're backpacking across Cambodia, relaxing on a family beach holiday or drinking in the culture of Rome, it makes sense to take out travel insurance to protect you, your family and your belongings during your trip.

Where do I start?

With so many different types of travel insurance available nowadays, it can be difficult to know where to start looking. Do you need luggage cover, multi-trip cover, single-trip cover, the list goes on. If you're just taking one trip this year, then a single trip travel insurance makes the most sense for you, regardless of how long you're planning to be away. If you're backpacking, or have two or more trips planned within the next 12 months, then annual multi-trip cover might be best. Always ensure that any policy you take out offers worldwide cover - not all insurers offer this. It's particularly important to make sure you're covered for medical expenses in case of accident or illness, lost or stolen luggage, money and important documents such as your passport and it's even more essential to check the levels of coverage if you're travelling to exotic or remote locations such as India, China, Vietnam and so forth.

Single trip cover

You'll find that the price of single trip travel insurance cover depends on the number and ages of those travelling, as well as how long your holiday will be. Many insurers offer the option to take insurance out which will cover you for up to 365 days of holiday (you can dream!) so always check the small print before signing your policy documents. Nowadays, it's easy to buy travel insurance online and policies start from as little as £4, leaving you more money to treat yourself on holiday!

Do I really need insurance?

When you consider all the things that could go wrong during your holiday abroad, you can see why travel insurance shouldn't be an optional extra. If your luggage is stolen or lost during a flight, you may not be covered without the relevant travel insurance. One aspect of travel most people don't consider is illness or injury. If you were injured in an accident or became ill and required hospitalisation, could you afford to pay the fees involved? In some countries, such as Australia, paying for an air ambulance alone can cost thousands of dollars. There's no point in putting your health at risk and if you're travelling with children or the elderly, it's even more vital to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance. By taking out travel insurance, you can kick back, relax and have one less thing to worry about on holiday!