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Date: 11/01/2013

Winter sports travel insurance

This year, many of us will choose to spend the coldest season of the year participating in some kind of Winter sports travel, whether at home or abroad.

In fact, Winter sports travel can be enjoyed all year round thanks to the artificial snow and ski slopes which can now be found in most major cities across the UK. Classed as any sport which can be played on snow or ice, Winter sports have increased in popularity over the past few years and include skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding, ice skating and curling.

In recent years, ski resorts have flourished, with European resorts such as Davos in Switzerland and Val D'isere in France welcoming growing numbers of skiing enthusiasts every winter season.

Val D'isere is one of the most famous ski resorts in Europe, offering some of the best skiing and boarding in the world. Situated close to the Italian Alps and benefiting from outstanding quantities of snow every year, the centre of this quaint little town has a village feel, thanks to its traditional wooden and stone chalets, but also offers a bustling night life.

Switzerland and France have some of the best ski and snow boarding resorts on offer in Europe today, but don't forget Austria, Albania and Bulgaria, where some of the smaller and more traditional resorts can be found. If you're looking to ski in a quieter resort, Albania or Serbia should be your destination of choice to avoid the ski tourists!

Whilst they are great means of keeping fit, Winter sports can also be dangerous which is why it's important for winter travel insurance. Beginners (and experts!) are no strangers to twisted ankles and broken bones and it's important to be certain that your travel insurance will provide cover in the event of accident or injury, particularly if you're travelling abroad to ski.

One winter sport which has really taken off in the past decade is snowboarding. Similar to skiing, but using a board instead of skis, the sport attracts a young and trendy set.

Mayrhofen in Austria, is one of the most popular resorts for snowboarders. With its longest run of 5.5km, there are two areas available in the resort, one dedicated for skiing and the other for boarding. The resort is host to the annual Oakley 'Jib Vid' competition and has an active freestyle scene as well as an area for beginners with plenty of equipment to practice on.