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Date: 14/06/2011

Winners of sustainable travel awards announced

Many Brits hoping to see more of the world on their backpacker travel insurance may want to combine their journey with the opportunity to minimise any environmental impact and pick locations more sympathetic to the green cause.

The Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2011 have been announced which have revealed the top places to stay for either a short break, conventional holiday on single trip travel insurance or a longer stay, which use eco-friendly resources and support the local community.

This year's Conservation Award went to the Zimbabwean resort of Singita Pamushana, a lodge lying in the south-eastern region within the perimeters of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. The two groups have forged a partnership to help look after and promote the health of the local wildlife, as well as providing significant benefits to local villagers, such as clean water and health education.

Any project or initiative which directly benefits local people and provides practical skills, training or preservation of culture or heritage is eligible to be considered for the Community Benefit Award. This year's winner was Guludo Beach Lodge for its work within a poverty-stricken region of Mozambique. The centre has been working with local villagers for over five years and has helped educate communities on a variety of healthcare issues, as well as providing hands-on agricultural training.

A way to see more of the world on backpacker travel insurance and remain within a tight budget is to get involved in projects like the two mentioned above, with many opportunities for those wanting to lend a hand.

For individuals and families looking for a more relaxing break on their single trip travel insurance, there is still the chance to go green. The Alpine Pearls network in Europe, won the Destination Stewardship nomination for its 24 resorts across more than six European countries, which only allow sustainable transport within their villages and provide electric or solar powered vehicles along with free bicycles for tourists.