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Date: 27/09/2016

Where to sink the perfect sundowner

Seductive west coast of Phuket

Thailand's party island has thousands of choices for combining a drink and one of its famous sunsets, from upmarket fashionable clubs like Nikki Beach to tranquil five-star resorts or unpretentious bars. The sunsets are probably most spectacular during the clear skies of the slightly cooler southeast asian “winter”, which happens to coincide with the northern hemisphere winter, but feels utterly different. However, Phuket is lovely and warm at any time of year, and even during the mid-year wet season, it is still popular for a beach break.

Rome’s stunning seven hills

We all know that with its art, food and Italian style, Rome is wonderful. Sunset at a rooftop bar, like the one at Hotel Eden, is a magnificent way to appreciate Rome’s dense urban topography and the ridges it was built on. Sit back, as the traffic races, people gesticulate, bats emerge from their caves and twilight descends on the Eternal City. Then finish up and head out into the city for another incredible meal.

Cape Town and Table Mountain

The sundowner is a tradition in South Africa, a geographically spectacular country with a warm climate and a population that enjoys making the most of any occasion to enjoy a drink, perhaps a whisky and water or a glass of local wine. One wonderful place to appreciate the nation's beauty is during sunset in Cape Town. Table Mountain, the flat-topped rock that dominates the city, commands attention at any time of day, but combined with glowing skies and water, it makes a memorable start to any evening. Sit on a beach across the bay at sundown and watch the skies change, or take a sunset cruise to appreciate the mountain's rugged beauty and the urban development nestled at its base.

Treasures of Angkor

The setting sun, magnificent tropical weather and the largest religious building in the world will make powerful memories. When in Cambodia, head out of Siem Reap to Angkor Wat, the spectacular temple of the vanished Angkor Kingdom, for an unusual sundowner. Many tourists head to the top of Phnom (hill) Bakheng to watch the sunset, and there are plenty of vendors to buy drinks from, or you can bring your own. As the last of the day's sun catches the centuries-old stonework, it turns fiery orange, to match the robes of the monks who will no doubt be present too.

The beauty of the Taj Mahal

There may not be much in the way of cocktails, but watching the sun set over the world's greatest monument to love is a dream for many. There's no doubt that watching the marble of the Taj Mahal glow orange and pink as the sun sets for the day, in the Indian city of Agra would be an inspiring experience. The sundowner itself may just be some water or a cup of chai, but who cares in the presence of so much loveliness?

Wine on one of Western Australia’s beaches

Part of life in Perth is spending time at the beach, so head for the sand in this Western Australian city. The beach at Cottesloe is a popular option to sit and wait for the sun to start slipping its glorious way into the Indian Ocean. There will probably be plenty of locals there too, and a great way to make the most of the experience would be by enjoying nature's show while savouring an excellent glass of local wine from a winery at nearby Margaret River.