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Date: 13/09/2013

Weekend Break


Whether you're thinking of exotic sunny shores or somewhere a bit closer to home, it can be tricky finding the perfect destination for that mini-break when you're on a tight budget! Luckily, there are some ways to find a long weekend break for less - here they are.

Book online

Researching and booking your break online will always save you money compared to using a travel agency. You're often booking directly, or through a larger company which have negotiated discounts which they can pass onto you, the customer.

Researching online also allows you to book your weekend at your own pace - you can compare hotel ratings, read reviews, hunt down the nearest restaurants - tailor make your perfect long weekend away so that it's sure to be right for you.


Close to home

You don't have to go abroad to have a great weekend away. Think outside the box and why not try something different this autumn? To get you started, a few more unusual ideas include caravanning with a difference in a gypsy wagon in the Black Mountains, camping in a traditional yurt in Scotland, adventure holidays in Devon...the list goes on.

You can have plenty of fun right here in the UK (and maybe some sun too, if you're lucky) and you'll save a fortune on flights.


Put your money where it matters

Think about which aspects of your holiday you'll enjoy most and focus your spending there. Looking for a basic hotel to crash in whilst you get out and about exploring the city?

Or perhaps you're after a pampering break at a luxurious hotel with spa facilities - so spend a bit more on your hotel and cut your spending budget, after all, with everything you could need close at hand, what reason do you have to even leave your hotel?

By focusing on what you want from your weekend break, it's easier to do it on a budget, leaving you enough money to plan another one; but maybe leave it until after Christmas - think of all those presents to buy!