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Date: 18/11/2015

Travel on the cheap ‒ why November is the most affordable month to travel

If you know anything about travel, you will know that the industry is driven by supply and demand. November is the month of the year when the travel industry struggles to book rooms and sell seats, as most of us don't travel between now and the start of December. It turns out that this is good news for anyone looking for a bargain break, as the lack of demand makes this the cheapest time of year to travel.

Budget breaks

You should be able to obtain a late deal or cheap flight to most destinations worldwide in November, or a room at a top hotel for a more affordable price than at any other time of year. The exception to the rule? New England, with its stunning autumn colours, sees a surge in popularity at this time of year, with demand for accommodation rising sharply.

What is wrong with November?

Why don't people travel in November? Half term has been and gone and much of Europe is grey, rainy and cold. Winter has not properly set in here in the UK and most of us are not yet ready to head off in search of sunnier climes. There are some spots that are at their best at this time of year, making it a great time to enjoy a short break or family holiday - but where should you head to?

Top November destinations

These are our picks for the top spots to head to this November:


A popular choice, Venice can be rainy and there is a risk of flooding at this time of year, but the main sights are tourist-free and the mist in autumn makes the city look pretty magical ‒ perfect for first-time visitors.


There is the risk of hurricanes in the Caribbean, but in Barbados this risk is low in November. On average, Barbados gets around eight hours of sunshine a day, although you can expect some heavy showers.


Families looking for a budget autumn break can make the most of Tenerife's mild climate, with average temperatures of 21ºC and six hours of sunshine a day! You will find a wide choice of hotels available at great rates around this time of year.

Cape Town

If you are fed up with the cold weather in the UK, why not hop on a ten-hour flight to South Africa, where it is springtime? With 10 hours of sun a day and temperatures in the low 20s, November is the perfect time to enjoy a city break in Cape Town or to explore the Garden Route.