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Many young couples and backpackers take off into the sunshine without a travel insurance policy and risk huge expense when things go wrong.

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Date: 18/03/2013

Travel Insurance - Why Bother?

Travel insurance is often seen as an optional part of your holiday. Many young couples and backpackers take off into the sunshine without bothering to take out an adequate travel insurance policy, which covers them in the event of injury, illness, theft or loss of belongings and even cancellation of travel plans.

It's well worth taking out the appropriate insurance cover for your needs and with policies available from just a few pounds, there really is no excuse to jet off without being covered. If you're planning on several trips abroad this year, it makes sense to take out multi-trip cover, which will ensure that you're protected for all your journeys.

Medical Cover

Travel insurance is vital if you're going on holiday for a few weeks with the family. When you consider the cost of medical fees in the USA, paying a few pounds for travel insurance will seem like nothing in comparison.

Air ambulances in Australia can cost up to £30,000 (and that's just for a flight to America - the UK can often be much more!) and medical treatment for anything from a sprained ankle to a jellyfish sting or something more serious can set you back hundreds or even thousands of pounds.


With inclement British weather conditions on the rise, heavy fog and snow have seen many flights this year grounded as airports grind to a complete standstill.

If your flight is delayed or holiday plans cancelled altogether, your travel insurance will cover you and ensure you don't also lose your hard earned cash as well as your holiday!

Buying your travel insurance policy online is easy and with just a few clicks of your mouse and some personal details, you could receive your policy documents by email in just a few minutes, taking weight off your mind and allowing you to concentrate on the more fun aspects of planning your holiday in the sun.