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Date: 20/01/2012

Travel Insurance for Summer Holidays

Whether it's an action-packed week away, a sight-seeing tour of the continent, or just time spent soaking up some much-needed sunshine, nearly everyone looks forward to their summer holiday.

And with such a wide range of discount and cheap deals available, escaping the unreliable British summer has never been easier. However, although you might be hoping to keep the costs of your holiday down, some things, such as insurance, are as essential as sun cream.

Research from the Foreign Office has revealed that while one in five Brits is taking the risk of travelling without insurance, the average amount spent on sweets and magazines at the airport would have paid for a typical premium twice over!

Going on holiday means the chance to enjoy yourself and try new things, whether that means sampling the local delicacies, pony trekking through the sand dunes or even doing a bungee jump. Most travel insurance for summer holidays includes activities such as these automatically, as well as other common holiday pursuits such as banana boating and snorkelling.

However, although it can be tempting to let your hair down, it's important not to let the sun go to your head and go completely wild.

If there are any warning flags on the beach, make sure you know what they mean – the consequences of ignoring them could be unthinkable. And if you have any doubts about the safety of any equipment you are about to use, or have concerns about the expertise of the people operating it, it's far better to feel a bit silly and walk away rather than regret not trusting your gut instinct later.

Travel insurance is not just essential for far-flung destinations. Just travelling around Europe can mean having to pay out a lot of money if things go wrong. Many holiday makers think they will be covered by a European Health Identity Card. However, if medical attention is needed, the chances are that only part of the costs will be covered. Should you need to be transported back to the UK, a very hefty bill could end up on your doormat.

So remember, your travel-insurance documents should be the first things into your suitcase - along with your swimsuit and that sun cream, of course.