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Date: 10/11/2011

Travel Insurance Explained

For anyone who has always bought package holidays and never had the misfortune to suffer a mishap, travel insurance may be somewhat of a mystery.

However, with more and more individuals opting to shop around for the most cost-effective components of the holiday, having travel insurance explained can be helpful.

Many travel insurance policies take effect from the moment they are purchased, meaning cover is in place immediately. This may seem unnecessary but travel insurance not only covers holidaymakers when they are on their trip, many policies also pay out if the trip has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness. It is therefore a very good idea to get insurance in place as soon as possible.

There are many different types of insurance on the market, with specialised products available for more unusual or more active holidays. Anyone considering enjoying sports whilst away should check the terms of their policy to make sure they are covered. Most providers offer a range of policies from basic cover through to winter sports insurance.

Frequent travellers may find it more cost-efficient to take out a multi-trip policy, rather than purchase insurance each time.

Backpackers are also able to obtain specialised insurance for longer trips away from home, which offers additional cover than insurance intended for holidays.

Cruise insurance is another popular option as well as senior traveller policies, gadget cover and golfing insurance.

Insurance is an essential part of any trip, as it not only covers cancellations and lost baggage, it also ensures that all medical costs are also covered, a necessity when holidaying in a foreign country.

Understanding travel insurance unravels many of the myths and shows that it is very simple to both purchase and comprehend. There are also many places where it can be purchased, including both travel agents and very conveniently, online.