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Date: 08/06/2012

Travel Insurance – group discounts

No matter how much you long for a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life, sometimes getting ready for a holiday can seem like mission impossible.

Straining to remember where you last saw your passport, finding a bikini that fits and cramming all of your toiletries into your suitcase in a way that you hope won't cover your clothes with shampoo, takes a fair amount of time and effort.

So surely if just getting yourself ready in time is such a challenge, the idea of a group holiday is nothing short of madness?

Whilst it may sound like a lot of hard work, a group holiday does not have to be a huge amount of hassle.

There are plenty of package holidays that cater for large groups but if you want to be more selective, it is still possible to create a tailor-made getaway for you and your cronies without having a breakdown.

Whether you are planning on a wildlife watching holiday, a skiing trip or just some time in the sun with the odd day trip thrown in, there are plenty of firms that can help you organise the details. Some firms will take care of booking any equipment you need whilst others will arrange accommodation for you, particularly useful if you plan on moving around during your break.

And when it comes to travel insurance – group discounts often apply, making it not only simple to arrange but also cheaper. Before you depart, nominating a leader responsible for looking after vital documents is a good idea so that should the worst happen, there is no rummaging through countless suitcases to find your policy details.

Group holidays can offer a very different experience and depending on where you go and what you do, you might find that you are able to book private excursions or visits, escaping the jostling with other holidaymakers. 

But the real beauty of having a bunch of you along for the trip means there is always some-one willing to accompany you to the museum you are desperate to see whilst the sun-seekers can carry on catching rays by the pool.