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Date: 20/09/2013

Top Tips for Travel Gifts

It's always nice to bring back thoughtful gifts for friends and family when you go away on holiday, whether it's a souvenir of the local area or just something to say you missed them. Here are a few tips that will help you to find the perfect presents on your next trip away.

Go Local

It's better to buy something authentically local and avoid the tourist 'tat' that you find in many shops. Find out what the local delicacies are - perhaps you could take back some cheese or wine for your friends? If they're not foodie types, perhaps they would enjoy local liquors or tobacco? If you must head to the tourist shops, then make sure you shop around to avoid being ripped off - as a general rule, tourist gift shops in busy areas near main attractions will be much more expensive.

Think about the Recipient

Instead of racing around souvenir shops grabbing handfuls of gifts and working out what to give to who later, why not take the time to choose individual, thoughtful gifts for each recipient? A lovely bottle of wine or carefully chosen piece of jewellery will be far better received than a tacky snow globe hurriedly grabbed from the shelf of your nearest souvenir shop!

Watch your Budget

Set yourself a present buying budget and stick to it! Remember, you're there to enjoy your holiday and there's no point in spending a fortune on gifts if it leaves you unable to relax and enjoy your break, whilst taking part in all the activities you've planned. Remember that you'll also need to keep some money for emergencies - whilst you should make sure you have travel insurance in place to protect yourself before you jet off, you should still have some cash set aside in case you need to pay for medical care or medicine during your holiday. Set yourself an overall budget or a per person price and make sure you only buy one thing for everyone.

Buy for your Closest Friends and Family

You don't have to buy everyone you've ever met a gift when you're away on holiday. If you're travelling with friends, it's a nice idea to bring something back for your partner, whilst if you're away with your other half, bringing a small gift back for family members is a great idea. In general, buy something only for those you'll see straight away or within a week or so of getting home, otherwise gifts will linger at the bottom of a bag in your cupboard.

Stick to these handy tips and you're sure to find the perfect presents whether you're backpacking in Mexico, cruising around the Caribbean or lazing on a beach in Spain. Make sure you leave enough space in your suitcase!