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Date: 23/02/2013

Top Couple destinations

Going away as a couple is one of the most memorable ways to cement your relationship and allows you the time to enjoy each other's company which you may not normally get whilst you're caught up in the busy routines of daily life. Choosing the perfect holiday can be the beginning of the fun, especially if you find the perfect spot to cross every item off both of your holiday wish lists. 

For outdoorsy types, there are plenty of options from gentle strolls to mountaineering and everything in between but if you want to enjoy something truly magical then a trip to see the Northern Lights is one of the most amazing experiences you can share. There are several countries from which they are visible, from Canada to Iceland, so you can choose a destination which appeals to you, whether that's a hotel made of ice from which you can head out on a snowmobile to see the incredible light show, or a cruise which will allow you to enjoy a whole variety of natural phenomena as you travel through parts of the world where day and night are concepts which have completely different meanings to those we expect here. 

A couple who enjoy fun in the sun can hunt down the coveted white sandy beaches in exotic locations and there are few more appealing than Cancun in Mexico, which also offers a variety of other activities. Holiday makers can explore the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, a site which includes a number of architectural styles and evidence of a diverse population in a city which is thousands of years old but was only rediscovered a century ago. With a number of salt and freshwater activities to choose from such as diving, water sports and swimming, there is enough to keep any couple entertained as well as interested with the chance of some romantic excursions as well.

For something a little more traditional, Paris always tops the charts as a city synonymous with romance and couples can enjoy a candle-lit meal in a fine dining restaurant with the gourmet food for which France is famous, before standing atop the Eiffel Tower and gazing at the beauty of Paris beneath you. Days can be filled with cultural pursuits like visiting the Louvre and the Seine. 

Wherever appeals to your romantic side, every couple can find the perfect holiday to make them feel like they are on their honeymoon, but nothing kills the mood like worrying so it's important to make sure you have travel insurance to cover you for any eventuality.