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Date: 13/04/2011

The Real Australia - A Trip through the Outback

With the convenience of modern flights, long-haul journeys are now possible for everyone, making Australia an increasingly popular destination. However, for those looking to take a longer break on backpacker travel insurance, simply visiting the big Oz cities doesn't satisfy the craving to see the real country.

With an extended trip Down Under, very often a holiday made just once in a lifetime on single trip travel insurance, many tourists are opting for a tour that takes them through the sights and sounds of Oz, away from tourist hotspots.

'The Australia Way' is a route which traverses the country from the Western Australian region of Broome, in a breath-taking marathon of 1875 kilometres, through to Darwin in the Northern Territory. As well as taking in famous sights and sounds along the way, the epic journey allows visitors to experience the true remoteness of the Australian outback, in a way in which others travelling around Australia on backpacker travel insurance can only dream about.

Travelling in a four-wheel drive vehicle is essential with many of the roads on the route little more than dirt-tracks. For many looking to escape the rat-race for a while, the remoteness of the Outback with no other living beings around for thousands of kilometres, is a large part of the appeal of the trip.

However, despite the opportunity to experience the true solitude of the country, the journey also includes stop-offs at popular points along the way, including Bullo River Station - a commercial cattle enclave, only reachable by helicopter or four-wheel drive – and Nitmiluk National Park.

With the end destination of Darwin, an arrival back into a cosmopolitan, polished world full of beautiful beaches and culture, those having made the journey on their single trip travel insurance will feel that they have truly taken a step outside the modern world, just for a brief time