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Date: 31/03/2011

The Quiet Joys of Cross Country Skiing

Holidaymakers planning to make the most of their winter sports travel insurance policy with some good skiing will no doubt be conjuring up images of sweeping down powdery white slopes, sweeping majestically down the hillside. However, there is another type of skiing which is rather a forgotten art: cross country skiing.

Sliding along the flat countryside does not sound terribly appealing but those that try it find it surprisingly addictive, returning time and time again to holiday on their annual multi trip travel insurance. The key lies in the choice of location, even more important for cross country skiers than in downhill.

Norway offers some of the best cross country skiing due to its high altitude, meaning a day out on the skis will reward participants with panoramic views, taking in towering mountains as well as plunging gorges.

For those skiers well-accustomed to the adrenaline rush of downhill skiing, using a winter sports travel insurance policy for a much less pacier pursuit may seem rather uninspiring. However, it is very difficult to compare the two types of skiing, as both bring their own delights. What cross country skiing offers is a chance to move across the snow effortlessly and at speed, without the same fear of falling and avoiding the crowds. There is no denying that cross country is a much more serene experience but with a bit of practice it is surprising how much speed can be built up.

There are many guided cross country trips available and these are highly recommended to start with, as getting to grips with sliding on long flat skis can take a bit of getting used to. Tour guides often come equipped with a skidoo, making tram lines for novice skiers to simply follow. However, once a skier has learnt to glide rather than walk along, the experience is truly magical, making it the holiday of choice for many under their annual multi trip travel insurance.