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Date: 18/03/2011

The gastronomic delights of a european ski safari

With après-ski usually enjoyed after a hard day out on the slopes, a new type of holiday has hit the markets which combines skiing with the opportunity to sample a variety of cuisines. With the so-called ski safari stretching out over three countries, enthusiasts travelling on winter sports travel insurance have the opportunity to see the best of the snow while satisfying their appetites.

The idea was dreamt up by Italian ski instructor Andrea Miletto, who takes the tours personally, giving skiers a unique insight into the skiing as a local, away from the hustle and bustle of typical tourist hot spots.

For those used to travelling on annual multi trip travel insurance, the holiday will seem like three different skiing trips rolled into one, as Switzerland, France and Italy are all included in the whistle-stop tour, with gastronomic delights sampled in each of them.

The holiday is sure to please food buffs and skiing enthusiasts alike, with excellent runs and insider knowledge of the best times to ski to avoid the crowds, combined with well-timed breaks. The food showcases the traditional types of dishes for the three countries, with homemade meals and fine wines recommended by the restaurateurs along the way.

The concept of the snow safari allows participants to ski between the countries, providing a unique way to experience the landscape. The skiing caters for both intermediate and experienced skiers, but with no hazardous activities involved, the standard winter sports travel insurance will provide adequate cover. If for any reason weather conditions preclude skiing to the next resort, transport by road will be laid on, to allow skiers to move on to the next destination.

Despite being an innovative venture in the world of skiing, the safari is likely to prove popular and with such variety during the trip, skiers are likely to want to use their annual multi trip travel insurance to return again and again.