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Date: 06/04/2011

The Art of Thrifty Cruising

The idea of a holiday onboard a ship used to conjure up images of wealthy widows and silver haired pensioners gently drifting around the balmy oceans, with a cabaret singer warbling away in the background. However, modern day cruises are very different and while still popular with those holidaying on over 65 travel insurance, they offer something for all age groups and all bank balances.

As statistically the safest form of transport, cruise travel insurance can be found for most passengers very cheaply and there are a number of other measures which can be taken to drive down the cost of any holiday.

Booking a cabin either very early or very late should turn up some super deals. Not wanting to sail with empty beds, operators offer deals for those willing to reserve their place early, or at the very last minute, if there is flexibility in the holiday plans.

Once aboard the ship there are a number of steps passengers can take to avoid some of the additional costs that travelling on a luxury ship can bring. Spa treatments are a popular indulgence but the prices can sometimes be a little bit on the expensive side. However, those who frequently travel on cruise insurance will have discovered that by booking at the right time, a fortune can be saved. Treatments while docked in a port or on the last day can be substantially cheaper than those available at other times. The same principle holds true for other services such as photography and items such as souvenir shop goodies.

No matter how tempting it is to cut back on all possible areas, experts recommend that an over 65 travel insurance policy or other suitable cruise travel insurance is not skimped on, as this covers many eventualities which could make the difference between a trip of a lifetime or misery on the oceans.