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Date: 01/05/2013

Summer Holiday Travel Insurance

The weather here is finally starting to warm up, but it is still a far cry from the soaring temperatures across the Mediterranean and further afield.

Booking your holiday online at this time of year is a great way to give yourself something to look forward to and by adding low-cost summer holiday travel insurance with us now you'll enjoy more benefits than ever.


Booking online is cheaper

This year, more of us will book our summer holidays online than ever before - partly due to convenience and partly due to price. Booking online is cheaper with us as you can save as much as 20% and get great cover too.

If you know the best places to look you can make significant savings by booking in this way. The further in advance you book, the more savings you'll usually make, so why not organise this year's break and something for next summer whilst you're at it.

Booking your summer holiday is a great way to give you something to look forward to even though the weather in the UK is currently a bit grim.

Keep working hard for the next few weeks and you could soon be jetting off to warmer climes, whether you book an exotic beach holiday or a city break in Europe.


Popular summer holiday destinations

This year, Turkey is top of British holiday makers' lists, with more people heading to the country than ever before.

Boasting year round sunny weather, beautiful beaches, fascinating culture and delicious local food, it is easy to see why Turkey appeals not only to families and couples but also to solo travellers - it's a great destination for those looking for a beach holiday that's a bit more original than Greece or Spain.

Other popular destinations this year are the far-flung, exotic beaches of Thailand, Goa and Trinidad & Tobago.

With more airlines competing to offer low fares than ever before, you could snap up a great deal on flights online and accommodation in some of these exotic destinations is more affordable than you might think.

If you're booking every aspect of your holiday separately online, don't forget to organise travel insurance. Cover is often very reasonably priced and policies start from as little as £3 for single trip basic cover.