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Date: 23/01/2013

Skiing Travel Insurance

Quality Travel Insurance

Whether it’s skiing down the beautifully epic slopes of Austria’s Mayrhofen Zillertal Valley or practicing your tail grabs on the wonderfully crafted half pipes of Chamonix in France, winter sports holidays are those occasions in life when you want to live slightly on the edge, navigating wonderfully snowy landscapes with speed and skill.

However, away from life on the slopes, we all have jobs and responsibilities to go back to, making the suggestion of sports travel insurance an excellent one. One of the scenarios you certainly don’t want to happen is to have an accident, but with the nature of the holiday, it’s a real possibility.

With potential injury in mind, we’re certain you’ll be pleased to know that our skiing travel insurance includes up to £10,000,000 for medical emergency and repatriation; so you can travel back home and get the treatment you need, almost quicker than going from the top of the slope to the bottom.

With policies starting from only £9.46, cover both skiers and snowboarders, with our skiing travel insurance offering a number of outstanding benefits for both.

Aside from self injury, skiing holidays can also become a danger because of the weather, avalanches and landslides. Should that happen at a resort you go to, you’ll again be covered with our winter travel insurance, as well as being covered up to £5,000 for cancellation, curtailment and trip interruption, potentially saving you time and money.  

Skiing and snowboarding is for people who want to push the limits and with our excellent skiing travel insurance they’ll be covered to do that. Feel free to get a quote via the search tool on our home page.