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Date: 05/04/2011

Skiers Sign-up for Mountaincraft Skills

With skiing and other snow-based sports now a popular part of mainstream culture, it is easy to over-look the real risks the icy climate can pose and the mishaps that can occur. Of course, winter sports travel insurance will help overcome some of the problems but many enthusiasts are opting to educate themselves more thoroughly on the more dangerous aspects.

Mountaincraft courses are an up and coming venture which is gaining popularity for those who often holiday away on their annual multi trip travel insurance. The courses are aimed at the more proficient of skiers and cover a wide range of topics including terrain awareness, map-reading as well as the more serious subjects of avalanche and rescue.

Many skiers are taught the basics of what to do when an avalanche threatens but not many are taught how to detect when one is imminent and the secret signs to watch out for. Mountaincraft courses point out to experienced skiers the things to look for, such as the reason why good weather is not always good news on the slopes.

Mountaincraft courses are designed to be fun, but very physically demanding and it is worth checking the exact itinerary before setting out, as it is important to ensure you will be fully covered under any winter sports travel insurance policy.

Some courses includes the guides taking skiers off piste, both to enjoy a spot of powder skiing, often difficult to find on tourist-laden runs, as well as to show real examples of dodgy-looking terrain.

Evening entertainment often consists of further information and formal lectures on the perils that can be found out on the slopes and while enjoyable, mountaincraft holidays are very much aimed at those looking to come away with some in-depth and useful knowledge. For those frequently enjoying trips away on their annual multi trip travel insurance, mountaincraft may prove a different and possibly invaluable type of break.