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Date: 28/02/2014

Single trip travel insurance is perfect for your summer holiday

Multi-trip cover, winter sports cover, over-65 travel insurance - it's no wonder that many of us are so baffled with the range of travel cover out there that we jet off abroad without taking out the right policy. The good news is that has the perfect policy for you if you're going to be travelling just once this year, whether you're jetting off to Greece for your summer holiday or spending a few weeks skiing in Switzerland later in the year. Single trip travel insurance provides you with all the cover you need for a single trip, as the name suggests! You're covered for one trip, which can last for any number of days - the only condition is that you travel within 365 days of taking out your policy. 

Why single trip cover?

Unless you're planning several trips abroad this year or travel frequently on business, a single trip travel policy is the most affordable insurance you can find - it provides you with all the cover you need for one trip abroad, without any of the unnecessary extras. You'll benefit from up to £10 million medical emergency cover, up to £5,000 cancellation and curtailment cover and up to £2,000 lost or stolen possessions cover. Oh, and kids are insured for free! With cheap single trip travel insurance with starting for less than £5, you'll have all the cover you need at a price that won't make much of a dent in your budget; plenty of cash left over to enjoy your holiday!

Added extras with single trip travel insurance

Of course, if you need to add extras onto your single trip cover, you can do. If you're travelling with your e-reader, camera, iPod, smartphone and a whole host of other gadgets, why not take out gadget cover in addition to your travel policy? Winter sports cover will ensure your ski or snowboarding equipment is covered if you're heading off on a snowy break later this year.

Cheap single trip travel cover with is the perfect way to make sure you and your loved ones are protected during your holidays this year - after all, why would you spend more than you need to on travel insurance?'s single trip insurance provides you with everything you need for peace of mind and a few added extras too, all for less than the cost of a jug of Sangria.