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Date: 09/04/2014

One flight, one destination, one single trip travel insurance

If you find yourself suddenly envious of your friends jetsetting across the globe on business, or family members who take multiple holidays in the sun every year - stop right there! Whilst it might be fashionable to forego the traditional summer holiday in favour of several shorter breaks throughout the year, you don't need to be travelling regularly to have a great time!

Longer breaks, more relaxation...

Saving up your holiday time for an extended break either in the summer months or off-season is a great idea. Why? Well, for one thing it gives you the time to properly relax from work - two or three weeks in an exotic destination is bound to be more relaxing than a weekend city break in Europe. The longer your holiday, the more far flung destinations you can discover. Jet lag from a long-haul flight? No problem; you've got two weeks to recover from it as you relax on a sandy beach.

Dream destination...

Saving up your holiday time and money to head for a luxury break in your dream destination is something to really look forward to. Rather than taking mini-breaks throughout the year, start saving now and make this the year you head for Thailand, the Caribbean or wherever else you've always wanted to go. You could even do something a little different with your holiday - teach English in Tibet, volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka or take a road trip across the USA. Saving your money and having one amazing holiday is definitely the way to go in 2014.

Protect yourself...

Of course, no matter where you head in the world, you'll need to ensure you and your fellow travellers are protected, and that's where single trip travel insurance comes in. With, cheap single trip travel insurance starts from just £4.55 for economy cover - that's money you will never miss. For less than £5 you'll benefit from the following:

Up to £10 million medical emergency cover

Up to £5,000 cancellation/curtailment cover

Up to £2,000 lost, stolen or damaged possessions cover

You can even tailor make your own policy with added extras such as gadget insurance, great if you're travelling with your digital camera, laptop, e-reader, smartphone and MP3 player! So even if you're enviously watching friends and family jet off abroad every few months this year, start saving and rest safe in the knowledge that you'll be enjoying a longer, luxurious break in just a few months time.