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Date: 26/04/2012

Multi Trip Travel Insurance for Frequent Travellers

They say that familiarity breeds contempt, and this is never more true than with regular, seasoned travellers. People who go away frequently, or who travel a lot for work, often get a false sense of security, thinking that their experience of travelling makes them somehow immune to the risks that face occasional holiday trippers.

Yet when you think about it, statistically speaking, the more you travel, the greater the chances of something happening to you, your luggage or your personal belongings. The more flights you take, the greater the chances of your bags going astray, and the more time you spend overseas, the greater the chance of you falling ill in a foreign country and needing expensive medical help.

The problem for regular travellers is the cost of insuring themselves and their belongings for each and every trip. And the more often things all go to plan, the less like good value these individual policies feel.

With, frequent travellers can cover all their trips for a whole year with one single, great value travel insurance policy. Multi Trip Travel Insurance from provides cheap travel insurance, or even cheap family travel insurance, for a number of trips overseas made within the term of the policy. You simply take out one annual travel insurance policy and you’re covered trip after trip. Cheap multi trip travel insurance also gives you the convenience of knowing you are covered, without having to find the best deal and fill in all the forms to get fresh cover every time you travel. has ten years experience in providing cheap travel insurance for individuals and families, so you can trust us to find you the best multi trip travel insurance deal to cover you wherever and whenever you’re travelling.