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Date: 07/04/2011

Like a Donald Duck to Water: Disney Cruises

Those enjoying a trip away on their cruise travel insurance are often set to enjoy a holiday of relaxation and luxury, but there is a company out there who is offering cruises with a difference: Disney.

The company first dipped its toe into the cruise market 13 years ago combining a traditional holiday on the seas with all the fun of Disneyworld, with a stop off in Orlando. The cruise proved surprisingly popular, with those holidaying on their over 65 travel insurance enjoying a trip away with their grandchildren...or possibly just having fun on the rides themselves!

Disney has now evolved its offerings with those wishing to make the most of their cruise travel insurance now also able to visit the Caribbean with the company.

However, what makes a cruise with Disney a different experience is that the ship itself is one of the main attractions, rather than the ports it visits.

With blood-curdling features such as the 'Aqua-Duck', a water flume ride that swirls out above the sea, the liner offers a wide variety of activities for the young and old alike.

Entertainment is top of the bill with the Disney ships offering Broadway-style productions, a far cry from the usual lower-key cabaret and a feature that those travelling on over 65 travel insurance will be sure to enjoy.

The cabins and decor of the ship itself brings new experiences with so-called 'virtual port-holes' in the inside cabins, which offer an alternative view of the sea, shown in real-time.

But of course, no mention of a Disney cruise would be complete without mentioning the characters on-board. And as many will no doubt have hoped, Mickey & Co are all aboard, decked out in ship crew outfits and there for the passengers' pleasure.

For those looking for a cruise with a difference, Disney offers a world of exciting and new experiences.