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Date: 11/05/2014

Last minute holiday checks

You might think that all you have to worry about this summer is packing your suitcase and making sure you take enough suntan lotion. That's not strictly true though; there are a number of last-minute checks you should carry out before you jet off - here are 5 that you simply must do!

1. Meet the neighbours

If you're lucky enough to be friendly with your neighbours, make sure you pop over and leave a spare key with them when you go away. Not only does this mean they can check out your home if they hear anything suspicious, it also means that if you lose your keys on holiday, you won't need to shell out a fortune for an emergency locksmith when you get home! If you don't know your neighbours very well, why not leave a spare key with friends or family members in the area? 

2. Set up roaming

Before you set off on your travels, it's a good idea to get in touch with your mobile phone provider and set up roaming on your phone. This means you'll be able to make calls, text and access the internet whilst you're abroad. You might also want to take out a travel package - most phone providers offer these and they usually either give you an allowance of texts, minutes and data or provide you with cheaper rates whilst you're away.

3. Call your bank

It's a good idea to let your bank know that you're travelling - this means if they suddenly see large transactions taking place on your credit or debit card in another country, they won't suddenly put a block on your card. You could find you spend a fortune on phone calls trying to sort this out if it happens, so contacting them before you leave is your best bet! 

4. Buy a timer

Purchasing a timer switch for your home is a great idea. Attaching these switches to lights means that your house won't be in complete darkness whilst you're away, and lights turning on and off could deter burglars. Better safe than sorry

5. Get insured

Number 5 on our list is probably the single most important thing you'll need to do before you head off on your travels. Make sure you have travel insurance in place to cover you. Cheap annual travel insurance means you don't need to worry about taking out insurance every time you travel - just organise it once and it provides you with 365 days of cover, so impromptu trips, romantic weekends away and last-minute beach breaks can all be organised without ever needing to worry about insurance!