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Date: 11/04/2011

Joys of Skiing in Lebanon

In years gone by Beirut was famous for its conflict but these days the unpleasant connotations are a thing of the past with Lebanon a country full of Eastern delights. In a part of the world known for its blazing sunshine, taking out a winter sports travel insurance to cover any holiday there may seem like a crazy idea at first.

However, surprisingly in a Gulf country, the skiing industry has blossomed with resorts undergoing greater development in the last few decades to become much sought after. Resorts such as Mzaar, far from being a mountain hideaway for locals, is surprisingly chock-full of Brits, primarily ex-pats living in the Gulf looking to make the most of their winter sports travel insurance without a lengthy flight back into Western Europe.

Mzaar is the largest of Lebanon's six recognised ski resorts, offering the choice of 13 chairlifts as well as the obligatory drag-lifts, including those onto nursery slopes for toddlers and beginners alike. While the size of the resort does not compare to the big names in Europe, Mzaar has 80 kilometres of runs, with its base at 1850 metres altitude and skiing up to 2465 metres high.

However, one of the real charms of skiing in Lebanon and one which prompts many to user their annual multi trip travel insurance to return time and time again, is the ability to mix snow and sunshine. With the right weather conditions, a spot of skiing before lunch can be enjoyed before heading down the mountains to have a dip in the balmy Med, under a warm sun.

With flights now going to Lebanon daily from Heathrow, the country is enjoying a resurgence in its travel trade with those in the know making Lebanon a much-visited destination on their annual multi trip travel insurance, regardless of whether its sun or skiing on the agenda.