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Date: 23/03/2011

John O'Groats set to undergo renovation

From Lands End to John O'Groats, walking the length of the country remains a surprisingly popular endeavour, with many making the journey on backpacker travel insurance and staying in hostels or camping for the duration of the trip. However, despite the unsophisticated nature of the expedition, the state of the end destination, John O'Groats, has come as a disappointment to many, often being described as 'the eyesore at the end of the road.'

But that is set to change with the most north-eastern tip of the UK about to undergo a £6 million facelift. The area already boasts spectacular scenery and panoramic views with an abundance of wildlife and birds. However, due to the crumbling and derelict developments and lack of investment, the area fails to attract many tourists, with the majority of visitors simply passing through, primarily on 'end to end' journeys. Despite being the furthest point in north-east Scotland, single trip travel insurance could be found very cheaply, with the region being on British mainland. Supporters of the campaign believe that, with the right development, the area could become a real tourist draw.

Hikers and outdoors enthusiasts are likely to be two of the primary groups of tourists most likely to visit the area, with standard backpacker travel insurance sufficient to cover walkers wanting to explore the surrounding countryside.

The development of the area is being planned in phases with the initial work being focussed on converting a derelict hotel into snazzy apartments and updating the museum and main cafe. Once complete, further lodges are planned in adjoining grounds and redevelopment of the harbour area is also hoped to be completed.

With the first phase aiming for completion by the spring of 2013, it is hoped that the money being spent will revolutionise the area and persuade many holidaymakers to switch from single trip travel insurance to multi trip to cover repeated visits to the planned tourist hotspot.