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Date: 16/11/2012

Is it safe to travel to Egypt or Tunisia at the moment

Travel Insurance

The continued unrest in the Middle East has had massive repercussions on the tourist industry. Is it worth the risk of travelling in these areas when military rule and riots seem to be an increasingly common part of the everyday landscape?

There seem to be very mixed messages from the media when it comes to travel in North Africa. While there is certainly sense in being cautious, the vast number of cheap holiday deals from many travel operators makes it far too tempting to stay away from these areas all together. In fact, for a seasoned traveller with a sense of adventure, now could even be considered the perfect time to go.

At the end of the day, there is a certain amount of risk wherever you go in life. Yes there are parts of North Africa that should definitely be avoided at the moment however there is also a fantastic opportunity to experience firsthand the making of history in this part of the world. You could even argue that taking a vacation to North Africa could be of real help to the people. Much of the area's economy is based upon tourism and the recent troubles have had a devastating impact on the way of life for many families.

Medical Travel Insurance

If you are planning on travelling to Tunisia or Egypt there are certainly some precautions you should take. Keep up to date with the latest news from the area you are planning to visit and be sure to take out travel insurance. Medical travel insurance is also an essential, but bear in mind that you are at just as much risk of sustaining an injury while at home as you are when on your travels.

While a trip to Egypt or Tunisia might not be the best option for families with young children or retirees wanting a quick getaway, that doesn't mean the area is off-limits to everyone. If you have holidayed in this area before or if you are a seasoned traveller who loves a bit of adventure, now could be the perfect time to go and have the experience of a lifetime.