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Date: 06/04/2014 voted Best Family Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance

Whilst summer holidays are supposed to be a time to relax and unwind, holidays can often turn into stressful events for parents - for a start there's all that packing and planning, then there are the finer details to sort out like travel insurance. If one of your family members gets sick on holiday and you don't have travel insurance, you could find yourself facing a large medical bill - it's not like medical treatment back in the UK, where you're covered by the NHS. From jellyfish stings to upset tummies, medical emergencies are just one very good reason why you need to ensure you have travel insurance in place to protect you on your holidays.

Best value for money

When it comes to choosing the right travel insurance provider, it can be hard to know where to start. Why not opt for an award-winning provider such as was voted best family annual travel insurance by ‘Which’ for their fantastic value for money and high quality cover. Annual travel insurance is a great way to ensure you stay protected no matter how many times you travel throughout the year, so whether you're planning a few short breaks or simply want to see a bit more of the world on longer holidays, you'll be covered.

What cover is provided?

With you will find that annual family holiday insurance provides you with the following cover:

Up to £2,000 lost, stolen or damaged possessions

Up to £5,000 cancellation

Up to £10 million medical emergency cover

There’s even a 24-hour medical emergency helpline, so no matter what timezone you are in you can call at any time of day or night for advice on how to make a claim.

Make 2014 your year

Family holidays are a great way to make memories and fill up your photo album with some great shots of the kids. If your children are grown up, even more reason to get everyone together this year for the trip of a lifetime and enjoy some sunshine as a family. 2014 has only just begun so there is still plenty of time to fulfil your globe-trotting dreams. Whether you're in the mood for an Asian adventure or your idea of fun is a cool glass of sangria on a Mediterranean beach, make this the year that you make those dreams a reality - and make sure you have family annual multi-trip travel insurance in place to protect you!