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Date: 07/03/2011

Holidaymakers snubbing package deals for new adventures

Recent research shows that many holidaymakers are shunning more traditional destinations and seeking out new types of holiday in a bid to escape the usual sun, sea and sand routine. Switching from several trips to lower-cost locations, an increasing number of Brits are opting to tour with single trip travel insurance and go on one annual big-budget blow-out.

The data from ABTA, the travel industry's body, suggests that more and more people are looking for a different type of holiday rather than just relaxing by the pool. A substantial increase has been seen in what are being dubbed 'chadventure breaks', a combination of charity work and adventurous experiences. It is worth noting most types of backpacker travel insurance will cover the more commonplace activities, but it is always worth checking before setting off.

Another trend picked up by the study shows that more unconventional locations are being sought by holidaymakers looking to discover new places. Sri Lanka is an area, only just recovering in recent times from a troubled background, that is surfacing as a popular resort. Even more volatile destinations such as Iraq have started to emerge on travel agents' books. It is worth mentioning any planned travel to unstable areas to the provider of your single trip travel insurance to ensure terrorist cover and other related extras are included in the policy.

Holidaymakers planning to enjoy some trekking and touring on backpacker travel insurance remains as popular as ever with locations such as Peru very much en vogue at present. Egypt was another rising hot-spot but the recent unrest there will have unsettled many potential travellers. With the currency market very changeable, smart travellers are heading in the direction where the pound stretches the most, with Dubai continuing to be a popular location for those seeking a bit more luxury.