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From Tenerife to Barcelona, our cheap Family Holiday Insurance deals are great value. Get travel insurance for Spain and a range of optional extras for your more expensive gadgets.

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Date: 21/07/2014

Holiday Insurance for Spain

So, you've packed your suitcase and are heading off for a break in sunny Spain. Whichever part you're heading for, it's important to make sure you've packed all the essentials you'll need for a trip to remember. Suntan lotion? - check, bestseller for the beach? - check, passport? - that one's almost as important as the final thing on the list – holiday insurance for Spain.

Insurance claims in Spain

Now, you could be forgiven for thinking that holiday insurance is a luxury, rather than an essential part of your trip to the Canary Islands, but that's where you'd be wrong.

Even if the most active thing you intend on doing is lazing on the beach, cocktail in one hand and Kindle in the other, there are still things that could go wrong on your holiday - that's where travel cover will protect you and your possessions.

From a cracked iPhone screen to a jellyfish sting that requires medical attention, the reasons for claiming on your holiday insurance can be as varied as the range of water sports available in most Spanish resorts, but that doesn't mean that travel cover should ever be viewed as anything but a necessity.

Holiday cover for the whole family and their gadgets

The chances are you’re holidaying with the whole family - that means there are sure to be kids involved.

With your policy from - KIDS GO FREE.

When you're abroad with children, holiday insurance becomes even more of a necessity - from tummy upsets to broken gadgets and heat stroke to lost luggage, you don't want to find yourself having to fork out for medical care abroad or forced to get through your holiday without your e-reader or smart phone.

With cheap family holiday insurance from, you can enjoy family travel cover, and kids go free, whether you're relaxing in Andalucía, partying in the Balearics or wandering around Seville's historic centre. What's the worst that could happen?

Private medical care is covered

You might think that your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will cover your health care while you're abroad. It will, up to a point. If you need private medical care or expensive hospital treatment, you could find yourself out of pocket as medical costs in Spain can be a lot higher than the UK.

Don't take the risk when you could take out travel cover for you and your family for just a few pounds.

You could even take out an annual travel policy, as once you've seen one part of Spain, you're sure to want to plan a return trip later in the year to escape the cold British winter.