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Date: 27/08/2014

Flight preparation and entertainment for toddlers


Everyone knows that travelling with children can be a stressful experience, particularly if you are flying with babies and toddlers. Travelling on a plane is an exciting yet often scary experience for young children, and keeping them entertained and happy is no mean feat! Luckily, our handy tips should help you to land at your destination with happy, smiling toddlers in tow; deep breath, let's get started.

Take off trauma

Family holidays are great fun, but the part that's often less fun is the travelling. Flying with children is stressful, no two ways about it. During take-off and landing, noise and ear pain can often be a problem for younger children. One of the best ways to take their mind off any pain and relieve discomfort is with one of their favourite sweets to suck. This helps alleviate pain and gives them the added fun of enjoying a treat. Distraction with games and toys also works a treat!

Are we there yet?

The cries of 'Are we there yet?' are enough to haunt any parents' dreams. There are some foolproof ways to keep your toddlers entertained and distracted on a flight though. Colouring books are easy to pack and armed with their favourite crayons or pens, they'll enjoy getting creative as you hit 35,000 feet. A tablet filled with suitable TV shows or Disney movies is a great choice for a long-haul flight, but don't forget to charge the batteries! Interactive games that the whole family can play are also worth downloading before you jet off. If all else fails, read them a story and watch as they settle down to a peaceful nap.

Stay healthy and happy with family travel insurance

It's important to make sure your kids stay healthy on holiday, so make sure you organise your travel insurance before you head off abroad. With, kids are covered completely free on all family travel insurance policies, so there's no extra cost to worry about! Organise family annual multi-trip cover and the whole family will be protected, no matter how many holidays you decide to take this year! It's also vital to ensure your toddler is hydrated, particularly on long-haul flights. Pack small juice bottles or order plenty of water from the in-flight refreshments for them to sip - everyone needs to drink plenty whilst flying to prevent dehydration.

Follow these handy tips and you should (hopefully) arrive at your destination feeling refreshed rather than frazzled!