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Date: 05/04/2011

Finding St Bernard - Story of the Mountain Rescuer

The St Bernard, one of the best-known and much-loved icons, revered for bringing its warming barrel of brandy to warm frozen skiers back to life. real life St Bernards are not used for rescue...and alcohol would kill any hypothermic skier. Alas, pop goes another childhood vision.

However, buried in the Swiss town of Martigny, those travelling on winter sports travel insurance and wanting to find out more about the legend of the big shaggy dog can pay a visit to the St Bernard Museum. Conveniently situated next to the railway up to the resort, the museum provides skiers with the opportunity to take a little break before their next onslaught down the slopes.

Visitors enjoying the sights and sounds of Switzerland on an annual multi trip travel insurance policy with perhaps less inclination to partake in the more physical activities will find plenty to while away some hours in the museum. The breed was named after a hospice at the top of the valley pass which was run by St Bernard and provided food and shelter to those stranded as they attempted to traverse the alps. As well as providing more information about the history of the dogs, there is also the kennels where the dogs spend their winters, with around 30 St Bernards and puppies.

Those travelling on an annual multi trip travel insurance policy can also enjoy a guided visit to the vineyard and children aged under 10 can be treated to a gentle ride on the back of a sleigh pulled by a St Bernard.

By the way, those holidaying on winter sports travel insurance need not fear, the mountain still has rescue dogs, but being nippier and more agile, Alsatians are the preferred breed. Sadly, though they don't carry brandy either.