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Date: 14/07/2015

Female US Travellers Tips

Two weeks in Atlanta, a week exploring the sights and sounds of New Orleans or a long weekend in vibrant, chaotic New York - the USA has plenty to offer for solo travellers of all ages.

Whether you're travelling alone or will be spending some time exploring your destination solo, there are some safety tips that female travellers should consider before jetting off abroad. Whilst most of these are common sense, it pays to stay safe.

Don't flash your cash

Or your tablet, smartphone, expensive digital camera or other gadgets - especially if you're in rundown areas or walking alone at night. Keeping your gadgets in your bag is a good idea if you're wandering around alone.

Wearing a money belt is always a good idea - although as a rule you shouldn't be walking long distances at night; hail a cab.

Hail a cab

In many US cities, you'll find many people drive to get to their destination, rather than walking. Take Atlanta for instance; it's not unheard of for the streets to be almost completely deserted in some areas after dark. So hailing a cab or renting a car is a far better way to get from A to B than strolling through unfamiliar territory.

If you do need to walk, make sure you let someone know that you get back to your accommodation safely.

Watch your bag

Pickpockets target tourists, solo females and those travelling on public transport, particularly the subway. Make sure you travel with a zip-top bag to keep your belongings safe and keep it tucked under your arm, where you can see it.

It's a good idea to keep expensive gadgets such as your smartphone, in internal zipped pockets, as well as your cash and credit cards. Cheap gadget travel insurance with can protect up to 7 gadgets and provide up to £3,000 worth of cover, so it's well worth having for your US trip.

Keeping your wits about you and applying the same common sense as you would at home - and making sure you have travel insurance to protect you should the worst happen - means you're sure to have a great time, wherever you end up visiting in the USA.