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Date: 05/08/2015

Family Treasure Hunt

Screen shot of Geocache App promotion

As every parent knows, keeping the kids happy on holiday can be quite a challenge, especially if the weather at your destination isn't quite as sunny as you'd hoped. Coming up with a programme of activities to keep all ages amused is enough to leave you feeling exhausted, but what about a family treasure hunt to get everyone together?

What's it all about?

The Geocache app can be downloaded for free on Android, Windows and iOS smartphones, but make sure you have your family travel insurance as well as your gadget insurance organised before you jet off abroad with your gadgets. You could always opt for the premium version of the app, which includes advanced maps, 'premium' secret caches and the option to play offline. Essentially, geocaching is a global treasure hunt which you play online. You download the app, search for your location and uncover treasures nearby. You can pay £7.99 for 3 months or £24.99 for a full year's access to the premium version, depending on how many holidays you're planning.

How does it work?

In over 180 countries around the world, there are more than 2.5 million containers (known as caches) hidden and you can find them using the app and the GPS facility on your phone (and some serious undercover detective work). Most caches hidden in major cities are tiny and very well hidden - they can be a real challenge to find, often hidden in trees or even attached magnetically underneath railings, benches etc. This makes the whole hunt a whole lot more fun, as you can be running around in one area for ages searching for your cache. 

What's inside the cache?

Once you've found your cache, you'll notice most contain a tiny logbook for you to sign and say that you found the item. Then you take a photo and log your find online. Bigger, premium caches contain items that you're allowed to take, but you must replace them with something that's of equal or greater value - that's only fair. Families on a budget or anyone looking to entertain kids of all ages (and even adults) will really enjoy geocaching, and because the app is free to download, there's no cost involved for what will be a really fun and unusual family day out.