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Date: 26/01/2013

Don`t carry your wallet-purse in your back pocket when travelling

It seems natural for many men to carry their wallets in their back pockets on a day to day basis. Whilst most women tend to favour handbags to store their purses in, some women carry their cash in their back pockets too.

Your back pocket is probably one of the least safe places you could keep your money when in a busy place. The streets of Edinburgh, in Scotland, during the yearly Edinburgh Festival are a prime example. Over the years, gangs of pickpockets have targeted unwary tourists on the crowded Royal Mile. With so many people in such a small area, all pushed up against one another, it is easy for a hand to subtly slip into a back pocket and remove someone's wallet. Even worse, it's usually hours before the victim notices his or her wallet is missing and alerts the authorities. Most of these victims are visitors to the city; many are young people there to soak up the art and culture of the Edinburgh Festival. They are left without money or ID and forced to ring home for help.

Carrying your wallet in your back pocket on public transport, particularly when travelling in a strange city, is never a good idea. The underground metro in Paris is a perfect spot for thieves to target tourists. There have even been cases of women catching men dipping their hands into handbags to steal a purse or mobile phone! It is far easier than for the pickpocket to take your wallet from your back pocket; so don't make it easy for them. You should store your wallet in your front pockets, a bag or even better invest in a money belt so you can keep an eye on your cash and ID. It's a good idea to have travel insurance in place.

It's also wise to divide up your cash. Don't carry your entire holiday funds with you when you go out. Leave as much as you can in the hotel safe and if this is not possible then divide it up between pockets of your bag, your wallet, a money belt etc. This way if the worst does happen and your wallet is stolen, you will still have plenty of cash left. Remember to stay safe and keep your wits about you on holiday – thieves can strike in the most unlikely of situations, so just be cautious and above all else, have a great time!