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Date: 08/08/2011

Cost of No-fly Cruises Set to Increase

For those who have sailed on the past on their cruise travel insurance, getting to the port of departure may very well have involved a flight but, increasingly, this is not the case.

Whilst the number of cruises is on the rise, not just with those holidaying on their over 65 travel insurance, but also amongst younger passengers and families, the number of fly and sail cruises is waning. Cruises which depart from a British port and even mini-cruises are both taking off as Brits steer away from airports if they can avoid it.

Industrial action and lengthy delays are just two of the factors impacting on holidaymakers and leaving many wishing they had opted for a staycation, instead of shelling out to sit in an airport. However, also starting to make Brits reconsider their options is the rising cost of flying, as the price of oil goes up, the availability of budget flights starts to shrivel.

Non-business related air travel dropped 3.5 per cent between March 2011 and the previous November, whilst at the same time, airline operators said they were hit with a 50% hike in fuel costs as well as being stung by taxes. The companies claim they are unable to absorb the extra costs and have no option but to pass them on to the passengers, which when added to all other essentials such as over 65 travel insurance, makes the ticket price unacceptably high. Ryanair has estimated that it will have to put up its ticket prices by at least 12% in the coming few months.

With no end in sight to the rise in fuel prices, tourists are turning to their cruise travel insurance as a way to still get a sunshine break without breaking the bank.