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Date: 10/09/2013

Christmas Break


But for some people, the idea of a white Christmas just isn't an appealing one. If you're daydreaming of an escape to warmer climes when it starts to get cold outside, then some winter sun could be the perfect choice for a Christmas break abroad.

Top Christmas destinations

It's important to check out the climate in your destination of choice. Some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand have their summer when we have our winter, making these countries a great choice for a winter sun holiday.

Others, such as Thailand experience cooler weather over the winter months and in the northern regions you could even find the weather getting quite chilly.

Top destinations to jet off to this winter include Dubai, European cities (perfect for some cultural exploration) and of course Australia and New Zealand.

Alternatively you could always splash out and treat yourself to a Christmas cruise, giving you the opportunity to take in a variety of destinations on your travels.

Stay Safe

No matter where you decide to spend your Christmas break, remember to take your health and safety seriously. Always have travel insurance in place to cover you in case you become ill or injured whilst on holiday.

Travel insurance will also protect your belongings from loss or theft, which is great if you're planning to pick up some last-minute gifts for friends and family back home.

Don't forget to apply for a European Health Insurance Card if you're going to be travelling within the EU. This will provide you with free public medical care at local GP surgeries and hospitals and can be used in conjunction with your travel insurance.

Shop for the sun

One of the issues many people have when travelling abroad off-season is finding those holiday essentials in the shops. Most high street stores have already cleared their racks of bikinis and shorts ready for the winter woollies to arrive, so you may struggle to find holiday outfits.

By shopping online, you can find all your holiday essentials - and many websites currently have end of season sales on things like bikinis and strappy sandals, so you can stock up without breaking the bank!

Imagine lying on a golden sandy beach, crime bestseller in one hand and iced mojito in the other, listening to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore - doesn't that sound like the perfect way to spend your Christmas?

You'll find many winter suns breaks available to book online now, so what are you waiting for? Try something a little different for the festive season this year and escape the cold, wet weather for somewhere a little more exotic!