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Date: 26/08/2012

Cheap Travel Insurance for Backpackers: Enjoy Within Budget

Whether you are a student on a gap year or simply taking an extended holiday, backpacking has soared in popularity in recent years.

However, backpacking involves very different preparation to other types of holidays and it is essential to plan in advance if you want to avoid blowing your budget.

Backpacking is all about spontaneity and being able to enjoy the freedom of roaming around your chosen country without the restrictions of an organised tour. But in order to get the best deals and find cut-price accommodation, you may have to book in advance, especially during peak season.

Staying in hostels is one way to reduce the cost of backpacking whilst camping always offers a thrifty way to enjoy a getaway. It is also increasingly possible to stay in hotels for next to nothing with the help of discount vouchers from group buying sites which can be found online.

Unlike conventional holidays, you may want to take the minimum of clothing possible as you will be carrying the weight around on your back. The general consensus is that the backpack should be at least 30% empty when you start out to leave room for items you need to purchase whilst on the road. A heavy backpack can make moving around much more cumbersome and make your journey more of an ordeal than a pleasure. A couple of T-shirts specially designed for outdoor activity as well as a long sleeved shirt and waterproofs are all usually considered essential.

Even though you may not be staying in expensive hotels or carrying around valuable belongings, it is still important to be properly protected. Taking out travel insurance for backpackers will ensure that if you do suffer any mishaps, such as a lost or stolen passport or a medical emergency, you will be covered.

And finally, to save even more pennies think carefully about how you plan to get around. Flying may be quicker but could really eat into your budget. Booking a seat on a coach or train might not only leave more money spare for you to splash out on your holiday, it will also give you a better opportunity to enjoy the countryside as you travel through it.