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Date: 04/05/2011

Can Granny come too? The Rise in Extended Family Holidays

In years gone by, it was commonplace for extended families to live together or even go on holiday together but, as the decades have gone by, this practice had dramatically dwindled. However, the phenomenon of holidaying with granny and granddad is seeing a resurgence, with more and more older folk enjoying a trip away on their over 65 travel insurance policy likely to have the grandchildren in tow too.

The concept of extended family holidays is increasingly seen not only as a way of keeping families in touch, but also a way of keeping costs down and sharing the burden of childcare. A survey of 1000 families by parenting website netmums, found that around 75% of those questioned were planning a three generational holiday this summer.

The results from the netmums survey are corroborated by statistics from Eurocamp, who confirmed the number of bookings being received for large family groups had increased by around 325% in the last couple of years. The top-end chalet and camping firm confirmed that it now aimed a significant amount of its marketing at those travelling on their over 65 travel insurance, but bringing the rest of the family along too.

And it is not just camping that is seeing a revival, families enjoying a holiday on cruise travel insurance have also seen an increase. With a holiday on the seas traditionally seen as a more sedate break and better suited to more senior passengers looking for a quiet holiday, many ships have broken the mould and offer a range of different trips to suit their guests.

Well established companies such as Disney now offer a range of child-centric facilities on board specially adapted ships, which still manage to simultaneously offer the luxuries that lovers of holidays on their cruise travel insurance historically enjoy, such as top class food, spa treatments and entertainment.