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Camping holiday weekends will get you back to basics where you can enjoy your surroundings and good company

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Date: 27/08/2013

Camping Holiday Weekends

Camping holiday weekends offer an underrated experience that's great for families, or couples looking to get back to nature. It's even a great holiday for solo travellers looking to escape and could give you the time you need to finally finish that bestseller.


Campsite facilities

Most campsites today have modern amenities such as huts with washing facilities, showers, toilets and even cooking facilities, but if you're really looking to get back to nature, you could always forego the mod-cons and head off into the wilderness.

Make sure you have a map, compass and all the necessary survival gear, such as waterproof clothing, plenty of water and food with you, as wilderness camping can be risky at the best of times.

It's possible to find some campsites which offer the feel of camping in the wild with a few amenities close by and these are a great option for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle without foregoing things like a shower and toilet.


Budget breaks

Whether you choose a family-friendly campsite or a remote pitch in the middle of the Scottish highlands, camping is a great budget break that's perfect for a weekend away at any time of year, although you'll need to pack your thermals for winter trips.

You'll find that camping in the UK and Europe is often far more affordable than hotel accommodation and for those who love the great outdoors, what could be better?

You'll have local walking, hiking and cycling trails on your doorstep and usually be close to a town or city if you want to soak up some culture during your trip, or just top up your food supplies!

Camping breaks are ideal for all ages, so what are you waiting for - book yours today.


Get travel insurance

Whether you're camping alone, with friends or family, it makes sense to protect yourself in all senses of the word.

Don't carry too much cash and ensure that any gadgets you have with you (such as an MP3 player or Smartphone) are insured.

You can always add gadget insurance to your travel insurance policy; and every camper should have travel insurance in place to protect them in case of accident, illness, or loss/theft of belongings.

Keep documents such as passports or other valuables in a locked rucksack wherever possible and don't leave your pitch unattended for long periods of time.

You should also ensure you pack a basic first aid kit and include things like painkillers, insect repellent and remedies for upset tummies. You never know when you might be feeling unwell.