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Date: 10/03/2014

Business, cruise, and winter sports holiday: You name it, we cover it

When it comes to travel insurance, not all providers or policies are the same. You might think you're taking out the right policy for you, but does it really give you the essential cover that you need for your backpacking trip across the Great Wall or your skiing trip to Switzerland?

Making life easier

Luckily, has gone and made your life a little bit easier by providing a range of policies tailored to suit your holiday needs. From business cover to cruise and winter sports insurance, you'll be covered no matter what you get up to, or where you are when you're getting up to it!

Getting down to business

Business travel insurance is a great option if you're travelling with expensive business equipment or attending an important meeting or conference. will cover the cost of a replacement employee flown to your destination (up to a cost of £1,500) if you become ill during you trip, and they'll also cover you for up to £1,000 worth of business equipment and £1,000 worth of business money, so the only thing you need to worry about is what suit you're going to wear to seal that deal!

Get piste

If you're hitting the slopes hard this season, the chances are you're probably travelling with some expensive ski or snowboarding equipment. You don't want to rely on average travel insurance to provide you with cover, do you? Why would you when you can take out winter sports cover which will provide you with cover no matter what you get up to on (or off) the slopes! Your winter sports equipment will be covered up to a value of £1,000 and even your lift passes are covered. What more could you need?

Get cruising

If your plans to organise travel insurance for your cruise are all at sea, then there's no need to worry. Cruise insurance will ensure you're protected both on the ship and on dry land. You can even add optional cover for sports and other activities such as golf, clay pigeon shooting and even water sports.

No matter what type of insurance you're looking for your holidays or business trip this year, whether you're heading off for some fun in the sun, planning a trip to snow-covered slopes or simply making your way to an important business meeting or conference in Europe this weekend, you'll find the perfect policy for your needs.