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Date: 12/12/2013

Best Annual Policy Price for Families

We all know that travel insurance cover for you and your family is essential for any holiday, whether you're heading to Europe for a few weeks or jetting off to an exotic desert island.

But with the kids in tow, you might be wondering whether your travel insurance is going to set you back as much as the holiday itself - prepare yourself for some good news.

Family travel insurance

If you're looking for the best family travel insurance, then you might be pleased to hear that was recently voted as Best Annual Policy Price for Worldwide Travel for families.

This doesn't just relate to single-trip cover either, it's's multi-trip annual travel insurance cover that has won the coveted award. Which means no matter how many holidays you plan to take over the course of the year, the whole family is protected.

You can enjoy a family summer holiday in Greece, luxurious weekend romantic breaks in England and maybe even a cheeky trip to the Christmas markets of Germany when it gets cold in the UK. With multi-trip annual cover, you're protected no matter how many times you travel throughout the year.

Kids go free

One of the reasons can offer the best family travel insurance is because kids are covered free. Unlike many other insurers where kids travelling attract a premium, protects your little ones - and bigger ones too - at no extra charge when you take out a policy.

What's more, because their best value for money policy is a worldwide one, you can travel wherever the mood takes you, and you can choose whether to add the USA and Canada to your list of covered destinations or leave them out to make even more savings.

Annual travel insurance can often offer much better value for money than single trip cover, as you're paying for your year's insurance in one lump sum, which means the next break you take, there's nothing to worry about.

What's included

In case you're wondering what exactly is included's best family travel insurance policy - here are a few of the key benefits:

  • Up to £10 million medical cover
  • Up to £2,000 lost or stolen possessions
  • Up to £5,000 cancellation or curtailment cover
  • Free cover for children

Family holiday insurance with starts from just £9.10 - at a price this low travel insurance is affordable for everyone, so there are no excuses.

Make sure you protect your family on your holidays this year with the best family travel insurance around - a policy which is not only great value for money but also includes all the cover you need for peace of mind on your travels.